5 Easy Ways Your Facebook Page Can Rank #1 On Google

1. Fill out your Facebook “About” section: The Short Description section on your Facebook profile is crucial to being found in google search results. Make sure to include your business page name and a link to your website here. Completing the Page Info section with detailed information on your business is another way to educate people on your brand and will greatly improve your ranking. 2. Create a regular posting schedule: To achieve higher local search rankings, it is important to have plenty

How to Optimize Your CV for an International Job Search | TeleportMyJob.com

Did you know that over 70% of CVs are never actually seen by a hiring manager in-person? How can this be? Simple: organizations large and small now use applicant tracking software. This software is used to parse the information from your CV and map it into a database called an applicant tracking system, or ATS. Based off of this info, the system will assign each job applicant with a score based on how well they match the job the employer is attempting to fill. These scores can then be ranked an

How to Gather LinkedIn Recommendations for Your Executive Search | Career Intelligence Blog

How to Gather LinkedIn Recommendations for Your Executive Search A critical component to a well-developed LinkedIn profile is the Recommendations sections. When many recruiters view an executive candidate’s profile, they go straight to the recommendations first. These recommendations provide recruiters social proof of your professional talents and workplace relationship-building. Demonstrations of your competence in both of these area will be crucial to successfully winning over recruiters and

The 50+ Executive Job Hunting Guide | Career Intelligence Blog

Are you a 50+ year old business professional who still aspires to find an executive position overseas? With the rise of millennials, there is a growing perception that there are fewer options available for this demographic. However, by following the guide below, you’ll understand how to take advantage of the current job market and demonstrate how you can acquire a fantastic executive opportunity, especially in the Middle Eastern business world.

6 Best Practices for Realtors on Instagram

Many real estate agents assume that managing an effective Instagram account involves nothing more than taking a great photo, sitting back, and watching the “likes” and comments come in.   While this might work for the rare personal account, it does very little in maximizing optimal business visibility in a target market for realtors. For agents to truly get the most out of Instagram, below are 6 best practices to adhere to on Instagram.

Use Webinars to Build Your Email List

The world of business coaching is highly competitive. Not only do you need to produce stellar results for clients, but you also need to differentiate yourself as a brand. Webinars provide just the opportunity to do this. Not only do webinars provide an excellent communication to reach your established consumer audience. When webinars are properly designed, they can build and sustain your following by supercharging your email lists to further build your audience.

How to Design Your LinkedIn Profile to Assist in an Overseas Job Search | TeleportMyJob.com

The prospects of living and working overseas are sure to be exciting, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But to breath real life into your overseas job search, everything you do must be methodical, well thought out and highly professional. This includes the design of your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is not just a place to casually keep your CV online for recruiters to view. It is an invaluable tool to market your professional brand. Here are a few essentials things to know to design your Linked

5 Ways to Use Technology to Attract Coaching Clients

Running a coaching business can be grueling. From obtaining new clients, keeping in touch with existing ones and providing your unique coaching services, making sure everything runs smoothly is a rigorous endeavor. Fortunately, with the growth of online technology, attracting new coaching clients has never been more efficient and cost-effective for business coaches- making the daily grind just a little bit easier for the ambitious business coach.

6 Tips to Get Your Open House Trending on Twitter

It’s every real estate agent’s dream: Pulling up your smartphone during your open house and quickly peeking at Twitter, only to find out that it is trending. After all of your hard work putting the event together, seeing people engaging in conversation online is a tremendous affirmation of your efforts. How do you prepare for your open house so you have a better chance of trending on Twitter? To help you make the most of this channel, we’ve put together the following tips. Check them out to see